FSSA Mission

Our task is to recruit highly qualified and competitive specialists for your company at the most favorable rates to support your production activities in Kazakhstan.

FSSA, as a dynamic company, can quickly adapt to the needs of our customers, and we are always ready to help your business as market conditions change and adapt to those changes that will continue to allow you to grow and successfully develop your business.

Our full-service agency is ready to meet your business/production needs, whether it be human resources, mobilization, or professional training courses.


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FSSA History


More than 7,000 employees provided in Central Asia More than 200 contracts in the CIS Mobilization of the first group of employees in Russia Launched offices in Turkey and Azerbaijan Launched a mobilization (9th) office in Shymkent Three mobilization hotels for more than 250 places were put into operation Second HR conference for exchange experience was arranged among the world's leading leaders in the oil and gas industry: HR in new realities Participation in obtaining accreditation and launching the training program "Basics of Team Leadership" of the international certification body NCCER (National Center of Construction Education and Research - USA) Starting participation in the annual social eco-program for greening the city


Over 10,000 trained and certified specialists Received 500th work visa for foreign employees Launched our business park in the center of Atyrau Launched an office in Kyrgyzstan Launched a 1000 sq m training center Participation in obtaining accreditation from the international certification body ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board - Great Britain) Introduction of ISO 45001-2019: occupational health and safety management system The first HR conference was organized to share experience among the world's leading leaders in the oil and gas industry: HR in the new realities Participation in supporting those in need during Quarantine


An office was launched in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and the UK. Started cooperation with oil and gas operators offshore and onshore. Successful mobilization of a team of over 200 employees at the TCO FGP project Launch of a business process digitalization program, creation of an HR platform, and its database of active applicants. Over 500,000 available CVs Participation in obtaining membership in the international organization IWCF (International Well Control Forum - Great Britain) Start of participation in annual vacancy forums and international conferences and exhibitions in Central Asia Start of organizing and holding annual job fairs in the cities of Kazakhstan


ISO 9001-2016 Standards implementation: quality management system, ISO 14001-2016: ecological management system, ISO 50001-2012: energy management system, ISO OHSAS 1801-2008: occupational safety and health management system Over 3000 trained and certified specialists. Beginning of participation in the annual state social programs for training and employment of the unemployed. Beginning of participation in the annual meetings of the industrial working group


Over 1,000 trained and certified employees Achievement of 90% local staff on Kazakhstan projects


Approval and launch of the personnel nationalization program Establishment of a partnership with the training center to develop the content of local employees


Adaptation to the program of the Eurasian Economic Union and implementation of the human capital migration program


Participation in Nurly-Zhol program support


The signing of the first contract in the mining industry Over 1000 employed Kazakhstanis


The first contract for the provision of personnel in the Information and Telecommunications Industry


ISO 9001-2008 standards implementation: quality management system Approval of company values: Integrity, Team Building, Integrity, Honesty, Variety, and Customer Commitment


Launched an office in Nur-sultan Implementation of a program to support and develop our staff


Successful execution of a recruitment contract in the financial industry. Beginning of participation in annual volunteer programs and events


162 projects for the recruitment of managers and middle managers, as well as 23 projects for the recruitment of top managers, were completed.


The company establishment and signing of the first contracts



Yermek Yereuliyev

General Director

Focuses on the company's development, international strategy, and business performance implementation. Due to this the activity of the company is constantly improving and developing. As a co-founder of the company, he needs to be in tandem with a highly qualified, honest, and loyal team that collectively strives to achieve the goal of becoming regional thought leaders in the field of staffing services and people mobilization solutions.

Elena Zlatyeva

Chief accountant

Provides global finance and accounting, works' organization, accounting provision, and the company's financial processes. Has extensive experience in organizing local and international financial transactions, with a specialized economic education, who heads the accounting department of the organization and manages a team of 15 accountants in 8 cities of KZ as well.

Yerzhan Saktaganov

Recruiting Manager

Has many years of experience as well in human resources and administration. Our company is a standard of an ideal candidate, which contains a list of requirements for the knowledge, skills, and qualifications of a candidate necessary for the successful carrying out of job duties.

Marta Sankibayeva

HR Manager

Single-hearted specialist with over 13 years experience as a Human Resources Manager in a different oil & gas project. The Human Resources Specialist manages the company's human capital and focuses on the implementation of policies and processes. She specializes in the search, recruitment, selection, training, and development of employees, as well as maintaining relationships with employees.